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I will let you know going into this, I have no idea what I’m doing. Haha Also, grammar is most definitely NOT my strong suit. 


I’m thinking my blog will mostly be a compilation of things I’m passionate about……trying to figure life out, home decor/diy projects, sprinkles of travel,  photography, and maybe some self help? It’s a question because I’m sure I will veer off track here and there. I hope you’ll follow along and find something that suits you, or at least get a couple laughs while you’re trying to keep up. 


I’ll lure you all in with a little furniture makeover project as my first blog post. 


I did this little Diddy back in the end of august/beginning of September for my youngests bedroom makeover. Here’s a little before and after……











The history of this dresser is my favorite part about the whole thing. This was my great grandma’s! My mom had it for quite some time in her basement, we then acquired it where it sat in our garage for a few years. Whoops! My great grandpa passed away in 2006 so keep that in mind when thinking about how long it has been since it’s been used. I pulled the tarnished handles to open the drawer the memories came flooding back of my childhood. It STILL smelled like my great grandma that passed away when I was around 5 years old, 30ish years ago! My great grandpa aka Popo (pronounced paw paw) kept her room the exact way from 1993 until he passed away and we sold his house in 2006. The drawers were still lined with floral wallpaper, where I also found a stamp and an old button. I plan to do something with those for my mom one day, I’m great at procrastinating, but I mean well.







There’s a little tid bit of history on the old gal, now let me tell ya how I gave her a little facelift. 


I started by sanding all of her down with my besties dewalt sander that I borrowed a long time ago and now it’s a mutual agreement that I’ll store it and she can borrow at any given time (insert laughing emoji). I used 100 grit sand paper for this. Just gotta put a little ass into it and rough her up enough for the primer to have something to grip to. 





After I sanded her, I gave her a good wipe down, I used a damp cloth, a few different times to make sure it’s a clean-ish surface. I then used Valspar Stainblocking Bonding Primer and Sealer. I got this from Lowes for about 30ish $$, I got a gallon which was probably to much but I figured I can always use it on future projects. I ended up applying two coats to ensure the furniture paint had something to adhere to. 





After I let her dry overnight, I then used Valspar Cabinet and Furniture Oil-Enriched Enamel paint in a light pink, the tint code is below if you’re in love with this shade. I honestly can’t remember if I did two coats of paint or not. I want to say I did only because It’s going to be in my wild Childs room and we need a little extra durability with that one. 




I decided to keep the original hardware because I wanted to keep a little bit of the original charm. I like that it is a bit tarnished, has a nice contrast against the pink, and I’m really loving golds and coppers right now! 



Full disclosure, I just took these photos and its been five months ago that I finished this dresser. 


We did end up cutting down the legs because there was some water damage from being in our shed for so long, but all in all I was very pleased with the outcome. A big thanks to my husband for giving me a hand there. 


Here’s the finished product and her room before we put the bed back in and she destroyed it, because kids are fun like that. 



I hope you all will enjoy and can relate to the things that I am passionate about! Let me know what you think! 




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